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Concept Art

The performance action „Cows in Space“ aims to raise awareness of the connection between the countryside and the city and to make people realize that nature and rural life often seem as unreachable and distant as outer space itself. Despite their geographic proximity, many city dwellers feel alienated from nature and rarely have the opportunity to experience and appreciate rural life.


By placing live cows in an inner-city meadow (Aasee, Südpark, or similar), for the duration of a weekend, we aim to create an unusual and visually stunning experience. The contrast between the majestic cows and the urban environment creates an atmosphere of wonder and fascination. People are invited to reflect on the importance of nature and rural life in our hectic urban world.


The performance action „Cows in Space“ represents a unique and fascinating artistic display to raise awareness of the connection between people and nature in the city of Münster. This action brings nature into the city and creates an impressive contrast between the urban environment and the presence of living cows.




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