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Concept Art

The performance „Odyssey of Transience“ presents a fascinating spectacle in which an 1800-meter long and colorful ball of bed sheets is unrolled majestically through the picturesque streets of Münster. Accompanied by music and filmed from a bird’s eye view by a drone, an impressive image is created that symbolizes the transience of life.


The bright colors and patterns represent diversity and change over time. The performance closes the cycle of life when the tangle reaches its starting point again at Prinzipalmarkt. The active involvement of Münster residents as participants strengthens the sense of community and gives the event a unique meaning.


A spectacular documentary and a rousing short film capture this work of art for eternity and convey the message of transience in an impressive way. „Odyssey of Impermanence“ touches hearts and encourages viewers to reflect and appreciate the present moment.



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