Concept Art, Street Art

Concept Art

Project details


Concept Art, Street Art

Within the framework of my study Art and Technology I was asked to make an Interactive installation for Kinky Kappers, a hip hairdresser salon in Enschede.







The whole chain of kinky Kappers has a unique style, a sort of fairytale feel. I cdecided to use this in my seductive installation. The product should cause a raise in customers for Kinky Kappers. People should  get a positive association with kinky for a having a art installation in front of their store.








Detailed Design formulation


A product is nothing without a meaningful design. A design which grabs the people’s attention, to make them think and provokes emotions. Our product does not only need such a design, it is the design. Therefore, we will formulate the design in this chapter to achieve a clear description of our product and its functions.


The design of our product is made up of different elements, technical devises and materials: A monitor is put on a torso, which is usually used by fashion designers, and connected to it through cables. The whole construction is very colorful. The monitor and the torso are the two main objects with their certain details, the monitor: showing a video program, as the 2D-element; the torso as the 3D-element.


The monitor shows a sad face with fading flowers instead of hair. It tells a fairytale in a fabulous way to the observer and its mimic as well as the flowers on its head change through the story. At the end the sadness changes to happiness and the fading flowers bloom again.


The torso implies different details as well. Most important is the red heart which sticks in the right side of the torsos chest. It can be seen by the observer like there would be an open wound. A scissor sticks inside of it half its way. The other half is pointing at the observer. Down below at the height of the belly button is an opening and a little collecting tray, where a marble comes out when the observer has followed the instructions of the face on the TV-screen. Also a heartbeat can be heard, which becomes faster and louder the closer the observer stands in front of the object. The lights blink in this rhythm, so that the heart seems more dynamic. Next to the heartbeat a voice talks to the observer. The technique for all of these features can be reached through a case in the back of the torso what creates a clean design. All the materials will be used neatly and double checked so no technical problems will appear. That’s why our object will be very stable and highly qualitative.


Our product will stand in front of the Kinki Store, a hair dresser, in the centre of Enschede, Netherlands. It is located in a shopping street, so many people will pass the store during the days. That’s why the design of our product will grab the attention of these passing people. The surrealistic composition of the monitor with the video program, the torso and the cables will be noticed through its visual extraneousness. This visual design, the colors, the style and materials, are also parts of the interior design of the store. This design has a mechanical and industrial touch. This design element is also used on our object: The numerous cables, which connect the monitor to the torso, underline the industrial character of the object. Even though the design of our product will grab attention it also fits to the stores identity. It fits to the store and is part of it. Through this it refers to it and directs the attention of the possible costumers to the store.

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