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„Ephemeron“ (future project)

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Concept Art

„Ephemeron“ – It’s alive


This artwork produces transience. 24/7.


In a hypnotic fusion of past technology and groundbreaking progress, the art installation „Ephemeron“ rises as a monument to memory and change. The term „Ephemeron“ draws its essence from the ephemeral nature of existence, where moments are fleeting and yet resonate with profound significance. Just as a film captures life’s transitory essence, „Ephemeron“ encapsulates the interplay between the impermanence of the past and the infinite possibilities of the future.


Symphony of Time and Change: The Ephemeron Experience

The room is filled with a low hum and whir of devices, a symphonic ode to the transience of technology. Beamers projecting movements around the object, a Fax machine is printing AI generated poems, which are falling directly into a shredder. The monitors that record the visitors‘ movements simultaneously project them onto their surfaces. While the movements are made visible, their representation gradually fades until they finally disappear in a fleeting trace of the moment – an impressive image of transience in the age of progress.


The „Ephemeron“ awakens with its own rhythmic pulse of life. As an ever-moving entity, it follows its unique actions and processes, executing them in an unceasing flow of time. Yet, it is only through interaction with the visitors that its true potential is unveiled. Like a blossoming flower, it unfurls in the presence of curious hands and creative minds. Every touch, every caress, every action triggers a cascade of events that bring the essence of the machine to life. It is the presence and engagement of the visitors that truly bring the machine to full bloom, illuminating its entirety.


The installation initiates a voyage of discovery into the realm of a captivating machine. Curious attendees can engage with buttons, levers, and automated processes, becoming witnesses to a fascinating spectrum of events. Witness ice cubes descending onto a metal surface, gradually morphing into flowing water. Experience a box opening once every hour, a boxing glove swinging towards a porcelain cup that may either shatter within a waste bin or perhaps not? This visual interplay of creation and destruction effortlessly captures attention.


The „Ephemeron“ reveals an interactive encounter, engaging participants in its unfolding narrative. The notion of being prompted to perform a dance that seamlessly integrates into the ever-evolving tableau of the installation creates an enthralling dynamic. Monitors depict the dance as a silhouette gradually obscured by a „DELETED“ graphic – a visual representation of the fleeting nature of the digital world. Through AI-powered programs, real-time compositions of music, images, and videos emerge, only to be overlaid by a „DELETED“ annotation shortly after, reflecting the ephemeral essence of our digital era.


Discovering the Unexpected: Exploring Ephemeral Creativity and Interaction

The „Ephemeron“ resides in a state of unpredictability, its actions crafting a unique masterpiece each day. Amidst this organic process, the consequences of interaction remain unforeseeable. Each day introduces a new experience, a fresh chapter of creation and decay. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence, new sounds, images, and projections constantly emerge, residing within the perpetual flux of change. This atmosphere fosters an environment where you become a part of an unparalleled creative exchange, embarking on a truly unforeseen journey.


Central to „Ephemeron“ is interactivity. Visitors can use stamps and can leave messages, symbols or thoughts on paper sheeds which are included to the installation, but also in digital form on the monitors. These artistic imprints will not only appear the screens, but also on the tactile textures of „Ephemeron“ itself, as a kind of digital and physical palimpsest of human creativity. But even these expressions are subject to the passage of time, for after a certain time the marks begin to fade and eventually disappear.


Journey of Expression: Bridging Past and Future in an Ephemeral Experience

Thought’s, drawings and things stamped on paper are meant to feed the machine as visitors interact, placing them in a central shredding machine that integrates them into the mountain, reinforcing the link between past and future. Another striking element is the potential dialogue with the machine itself. Visitors have the opportunity to input a description of an image of their choice. The image is then displayed on a monitor for a fleeting 10 seconds, before disappearing forever.


Visitors can anticipate an extraordinary artistic journey that explores the captivating interplay between innovation and transience. An interactive installation unfolds, harmoniously merging creativity and change in a distinctive symbiosis, inviting you to intimately experience the cycle of creation and decay.


The essence of „Create and Destroy“ is the focal point of this installation. Here, creation intertwines with inevitable destruction, uniting to capture the transient beauty of life and art.




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