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Concept Art, Music

Additional to painting in 1998 I started some music projects. Together with a friend I began to produce my own songs. With the project TAUER we got signed as Band by Epimusic in Hamburg and had performances on tv and live stages in front of thousands of people. Then iTunes came up and the complete music market changed. Small lables were dying and I decided to produce something which could be a more sellable product than a pop band and started with the Ratzepeter Verlag producing audiobooks and children’s music. In 2015 TAUER was nominated for the German Rock+Pop Award in the Category „Best Pop Song“.




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Some motion? Have a look at my latest song and music video:



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For more muic videos explore all my productions on Imdb

TAUER at German Rock and Pop Award, 2015
TAUER at German Rock and Pop Award, 2015
Soundcheck before Show at the German Rock and Pop Award, 2015
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