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Ten Beuys – Hanging around (future project)

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Concept Art

Ten Beuys – Hanging around

Homage to Joseph Beuys


„Ten Beuys“ is a fascinating art installation that uniquely captures and interprets the groundbreaking ideas of artist Joseph Beuys. The exhibition presents nine garments hanging from ropes and a tenth placeholder symbolising the spiritual presence of Joseph Beuys himself.


The nine hanging garments, chosen with care and carefully placed, create a surreal yet captivating atmosphere. Each garment bears the marks of time, a reminder of past stories and experiences. The ropes that hold them create a delicate network that creates a subtle connection between the garments – a metaphor for the human experience and the shared history that binds us.



The tenth placeholder in the centre of the installation represents the spirit of Joseph Beuys. Although not physically present, his creative energy permeates the space and the minds of the viewers. This placeholder serves as a reminder of Beuys‘ immaterial influence, his ideas and his revolutionary approach to art. Visitors are invited to imagine Beuys himself floating among the floating robes as his presence fills the space with inspiration and artistic spirit.


Whether displayed within the hallowed halls of a museum, the creative hub of an art association, or at special gatherings, this installation stands as a testament to the enduring impact of Joseph Beuys‘ visionary ideas. It not only pays homage to his legacy but also continues his exploration of art’s ability to challenge perceptions and kindle the flames of creative thought.


„Ten Beuys“ is more than a simple art installation; it is an invitation to reflect on life, art and the ongoing significance of Beuys‘ vision. The combination of physical and metaphorical elements creates a unique experience that blurs the boundaries between past and present, material and immaterial. Enter this space of inspiration and explore the deep connection between Joseph Beuys, his ideas and the constant evolution of artistic expression.


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