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One day, a spark of inspiration ignited within me, and a simple thought arose: „I could make my art wearable!“ And so, the journey began.


Behold, my first limited collection of daily wearable tizlu’s – a blend of artistry and fashion designed to accompany you through the tapestry of your day. Each piece is a canvas, a statement, and an expression of the artistic spirit that pulses through the heart of London.


Handcrafted with passion and care in the vibrant soul of this city, these tizlu’s are more than just accessories – they’re a wearable reflection of individuality and style. Unique and limited, each creation tells a story, each stitch shares an emotion, and each hue paints a vibrant chapter in the grand tale of wearable art.


Have a look at my unique and limited fashion designs handmade in London and choose Concept Art from the menu.






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Concept Art


Painting „Paint It White“