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In the world of art, design and marketing, I am always drawn to creative ventures that ignite my passion. From composing and producing music and designing captivating installations to developing innovative approaches to the art of the future, my journey is one of relentless discovery.


Have a look at my projects in children’s music, spoken word and publishing here. Or surf to some pop music productions here.


Now let me introduce you to some other concept art approaches in the section of installation and performance art:


„Ten Beuys – Hanging around“



Through imaginings that transcend the ordinary, I aim to evoke emotions that resonate long after the curtain has fallen. Sculptures are not simply forms; they emerge as stories carefully woven into the materials, inviting introspection and evoking connections.


Marketing is also becoming an art form, a symphony of narrative and strategy. I am aware that a well-designed campaign is not just about numbers, but about telling stories that burn into the memory.


But my passion doesn’t stop at creation, it extends to innovation. I am driven to push the boundaries of artistic expression to discover previously unimagined possibilities. With each project, I invite others to join me on this journey of discovery. Installations are not just installations; they are immersive experiences that redefine spaces. The interplay of ideas, materials and environments.


As I breathe life into each endeavor, I understand that my art is more than a one-sided dialogue. It’s an invitation, a conversation, a canvas on which others are encouraged to paint their thoughts, emotions, and interpretations. My designs don’t merely seek attention; they evoke a symphony of sensations, they tell stories, and they should move hearts.


In my world, Art, Design, and Marketing converge to create an orchestra of innovation. I see, I create, and I invite you to join me on this exhilarating voyage through the realms of imagination.


To explore more projects go to Creative work and choose Concept Art from the menu.


„Ephemeron“ It’s alive.



Exemplary excerpt of a Performance-Concept






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