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Concept Art

In this case I created a model of a moving Mobilee related to E.A. Poe’s poem „The Raven“. The box is made from wood out of a case which has transported some Picasso pictures to an exhibition and is produced for carrying and presenting this project to financial funding, clients etc.

The small Mobilee in the box is a scale model of the original sculpture I would like to build. The Raven will be in his original size. Result: a 5 m high and 4,5 m wide hanging and moving object: a 5 cm long plate of the model will be 75 cm long in the final object.




The Mobilee should hang overhead in a huge hall or building, like the raven speaks from above with the protagonist. The installation is consciously NOT made of a wire construction because I wantet to show the rigidity of Poe’s Raven. He doesn’t leave his position, nevermore.



I would like to exhibit this object in the Pinakothek in Munich. Because of its big halls, white walls and its dome like architecture it would be an interesting space to put it in. The Pinakothek allows also to have a closer look and gives many possibilities to look at it from differnt perspectives.

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